In class we were analyzing music videos from other countries and people continually commented on if they would succeed in American culture. That stuck me as interesting as I had never viewed music that way. I thought about my favorite bands and what countries they were from and noticed that the majority of them were from outside of the United States. So, is metal the biggest “global force” in music? I assumed that most people listen to music mostly from the United State or England as styles are generally similar. I polled my close group of friends to see…

I can’t say I’m all that shocked as to the data I collected from my group of friends. I was spot on in my assumption that the majority would be from the United States or England. In fact, not a single one of my four friends put down a band that was outside of those two countries.

Friend T is a buddy of mine who actually works in the music industry. I expected him to be the most internationally diverse but was clearly wrong. Out of his 10 bands only one was outside the US, and that was in England. T‘s list follows my first assumption and closely mimic’s another friends list.

Friend S has a list that is similar to T in a few ways. First, S was split the same way – 9 bands from America and 1 from England. Also, 4 of S‘s bands were also on T‘s list. The note added gives a glimpse as to why.

Friend P is a little most internationally diverse, but not by much. P‘s list shifted one from America to England as compared to previous two lists.

Friend M follows P‘s pattern, moving one from America to England to finish with 3 England and 7 America. Friend M secures his spot as the most ‘internationally diverse’ of my group of friends, which is unfortunate because none of the bands sit outside of the assumed America/England domination.

Up until now the genre’s of choice were mostly indie-rock, alternative and punk styles of music. Notice how metal is absent? Let’s take a look at what a metalheads list would look like:

This list is vastly different. I have a total of 8 different countries on my list alone, and only two countries has repeats. England isn’t even included on my list. Now, I could just be very internationally diverse. I polled a metal friend to see if his list was similar.

Friend J‘s list is quite similar to mine. 7 different countries make the list with only 2 having multiple. What is also interesting is that J’s list has 5 countries that I don’t have on my list. So, the two metalheads had a combined 12 different countries compared to the 2 countries chosen by the others. The same pattern can be seen in other magazines. NPR’s most popular list has 3 countries and NPR’s metal list has 5.

This is far from an exact study. But, in my quick little experiment it looks like metalheads seem to be less bound by international boarders.